Game cards fusion

1. Within "My Assets", select a card to enter the card details page, click on "Card Fusion". Game cards that have already joined the combat camp (PVP/PVE) cannot be fuse and upgraded.

2. Game cards of the same faction can be fuse together for upgrade, for example: China + China and after the cards have been fused, they no longer have any lifespan and can no longer participate in Hero Mining.

3. For the EXP provided by each game cards of different star level, please see the table below:

3.1. EXP required for card fusion, please see the table below:

4. Add fusion material for card fusion. When the EXP bar is full, the game card can be upgraded, and the excess EXP will automatically be carried forward to the EXP bar for the next level.

5. Players can click on the "upgrade" button to upgrade their game cards and consume the equivalent value of GUT through that process based on the table below:

6. The card upgrade is now complete.

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