Genesis Universe Intro

Genesis Universe is a metaverse exploration game based on ancient mythologies, the explorations,

and the struggles in the new world by ancient mythical characters from all over the world,

made possible with Binance Smart Chain (BSC). You will have to select a faction to play the game.

By offering the NPC in the faction proper materials,

the NPC will spawn a hero that adapts to the new world and battles.

The Hero Card NFT and tokens obtained will be deposited to Wallet as on-chain assets.

In Genesis Universe, you can obtain a variety of different hero cards by drawing or trading,

to fight battles in this new world, and win rewards.

The value system of Genesis Universe is controlled by you,

for you can trade in-game assets at any time and exchange them with digital currencies.

Introduction to Superchain

The Genesis Universe game is independently developed and produced by the blockchain company Superchain.

Superchain focuses on technology research and development,

applications and services in the field of blockchain.

The team includes not only blockchain experts from well-known IT companies,

but also product and technical experts from well-known Internet financial platforms.

Through long-term joint assistance and efforts in the practice and application of blockchain,

Superchain can provide users and partners with a series of product services and blockchain technical support.

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