1. Launch our Genesis Universe game and click on "Heroes Deploy" to enter the "PVE Team" formation interface;

  1. After forming a team, players can click on "Fight" to enter the PVE level interface and begin their PVE adventure. PVE team formation has no combat power/level restrictions, and stronger teams can clear more levels.

  1. The battle confirmation page will display the fee needed to enter the PVE level and the rewards the player will obtain upon successfully clearing the level. Entry fee for basic levels are 3,000POW and as players progress through each level, the entry fee, difficulty level and rewards provided will also increase accordingly.

  1. If a player completes the level successfully, they will receive equipment materials and veGUT as rewards, with a chance to obtain GUT/POW tokens too! At the same time, BOSS or LUCK feature will be triggered randomly throughout any of the PVE levels, allowing players to obtain humongous rewards. (Level 1-9 PVE adventures have a chance to trigger Level 10 BOSS, level 11-19 PVE adventures have a chance to trigger level 20 BOSS, level 21-29 PVE adventures have a chance to trigger level 30 BOSS while level 31-39 PVE adventures have a chance to trigger level 40 BOSS. Once the boss is triggered and the player has successfully cleared the current PVE level, they are able to obtain the highest rewards of that current level.) As for LUCK feature, players can receive additional rewards up to 10 times of the ticket price for the PVE level they are in. The amount of rewards are randomly triggered during the challenge, and rewards will be distributed upon clearing the level successfully. A “Sweeping Ticket” will allow players to obtain rewards from previously cleared levels instantly skipping the battle. (Note that spending sweep tickets for PVE levels will not trigger BOSS or LUCK feature)

  1. After clearing the levels, players can then collect their accumulated rewards through the "Reward Box" on the "Team Formation" interface. Three different icons might appear on the right side of the rewards history record, such as: "BOSS", "LUCK" and "SWEEP TICKET".

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