🔰Adventure Realm

1.Within the game’s main interface, click on “Adventure Realm” to participate in our exciting PVE adventures.

Players is able to see multiple levels within the Adventure Realm, with a total of 300 levels.

Every 10 levels will be known as a “Mini Boss” for all PVE adventures, and players will need to obtain at least 5 keys from the previous levels to unlock and challenge the “Mini Boss” level.

Players can continue to challenge previously completed levels to obtain materials drop by each level, however keys will no longer drop for previously completed levels.

2.Players must assemble (form) a team before they can participate in PVE adventures by clicking on the upper right corner of the screen on the “Team Up” button. Within the team up interface,

players can select their “heroes” from their NFT Assets list to add them to the team.

Each NFT Game Card comes with its unique combat attributes, which are displayed on the upper right side of the NFT Game Card, including damage, HP, armor, speed and other various skills.

3.Players are given 20 free challenge attempts per day, and these challenge attempts will be deducted after each battle, no matter the result (victory or defeat).

Once these free challenge attempts are used up, players can purchase additional challenge attempts for 2 Platinum Vouchers per 1 challenge attempt.

Before selecting which level to battle within the PVE Adventure Realm, players can click on the level to view the monster stats of the said level.

Players can then click on the “Battle” icon located on the bottom right of the interface to start the battle.

There are no combat power or level restrictions for PVE, teams with higher combat power can have a higher chances of clearing more levels.

4.Before entering the battle, players will be able to view the amount of tickets needed to enter the battle, as well as the rewards (Gold Coins, Essence and Stardust) provided upon successful clearing of the said level.

The higher the level, the higher the difficulty and the higher the rewards.

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