NFT Game Card Disassembling (Burning)

1.All NFT Game Cards can be disassemble to obtain corresponding number of Essence based on each NFT Game Cards’ stars and level.

a. If the NFT Game Card selected for disassembling is equipped with Equipment, the equipment will be returned back to the player’s assets automatically upon successful disassembly.

b. Players are unable to disassemble the NFT Game Cards if the selected NFT Game Cards are teamed up within the PVP, PVE or Faction Wars.

2.Players can obtain Essence by disassembling NFT Game Cards.

The corresponding amount of Essence will be given based on the initially-minted NFT Game Cards’ star and level.

NFT Game Cards that have been upgraded (Level and Stars) can also be disassembled. Details as follow:

  1. Players can view the materials obtained through NFT Game Cards disassembling through their NFT Assets tab

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