NFT Game Cards Evolving

1.To evolve an NFT Game Card, player will need to enter the NFT assets interface,

click on the NFT Game Card details interface and click on “Evolve” to perform star upgrade of the game card;

2.Within the Game Card evolve interface, players will be able to have a quick view of the materials needed to evolve the game cards and the final star acquired upon successful evolution.

2-1.To evolve an NFT game card, player must provide certain materials, as follow:

NFT game card with one star below the current NFT game card, as shown below:

2-2.NFT game card of the same faction of the current NFT game card, as show below:

3.By providing all the needed materials for the process of evolution, player can click on the “Evolve” button and view the result immediately.

4.By upgrading the star-level of each NFT game cards, it increases the level-upgrade limit as well, as follow:

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