Team Member

Jack CEO

Jack has always had high expectations for disruptive innovation in the gaming and technology industries.

He has worked at Sulake for many years,

responsible for planning and operation of multiple projects,

and has rich experience in the gaming industry as well as excellent leadership abilities.

Since 2015, he has been involved in blockchain business investment,

has extensive experience in the blockchain industry, is familiar with industry trends,

and has a wide range of resources and networks.

Jack is particularly focused on the latest trends in the development of the web3 industry,

and has a clear understanding and plan for the company's strategy and product direction.

He is also an excellent team manager who motivates employees' creativity and innovative thinking,

and emphasizes teamwork and communication.

Johnson CTO

Johnson is an experienced Chief Technology Officer who has been dedicated to technological innovation and corporate development for the past 15 years.

He has held executive positions in multiple well-known technology companies, leading teams to successfully develop multiple innovative technology solutions.

Having worked in Steam Inc., for the past few years,

he has extensive experience in areas such as blockchain, cloud computing,and artificial intelligence.

Johnson possesses outstanding leadership and team collaboration capabilities,

leading teams to successfully commercialize multiple projects.

Tyrron CMO

Tyrron is a Chief Marketing Officer with extensive experience in business management.

He has held executive positions in multiple companies, possessing broad industry experience,

especially in marketing, sales, and operations.

He has outstanding leadership and communication skills, capable of managing teams and promoting teamwork.

Tyrron is skilled in developing and implementing business strategies to achieve long-term growth and goals for the company.

He possesses an open-minded approach, actively seeking innovative solutions,

and continuously striving to improve the performance and efficiency of himself and his team.

He maintains a strong interest in market trends and emerging technologies,

and strives to drive the company towards successful

Abel Senior SDE

Abel is a senior development engineer with over ten years of software development experience.

He is proficient in full-stack development and familiar with multiple programming languages,

including Java, Python, and C++.

He has worked in several well-known technology companies and has been involved in various projects,

ranging from software design to system optimization.

He is familiar with Agile development processes and works well in a team environment.

Abel is passionate about new technology, continuously learning,

and keeping up with industry trends, and is committed to using the latest code to drive product development.

Karl Advisor

Karl is a blockchain consultant with extensive experience in blockchain technology and industry applications.

He is familiar with various blockchain technologies,

including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and has provided consulting and technical support for multiple blockchain projects,

including white paper writing, technical architecture design, and smart contract development.

He is knowledgeable about digital currency markets, crypto-economics,

and the blockchain industry ecosystem, and is able to provide comprehensive blockchain solutions for enterprises.

Additionally, he possesses excellent team collaboration and leadership skills,

and is capable of leading teams to solve complex technical challenges.

Bradley Schemer

Bradley is a blockchain planner with rich experience in blockchain project planning.

He understands the applications of blockchain in different fields and has conducted in-depth research on the digital currency market,

crypto-economics, and the blockchain industry ecosystem.

He has developed planning schemes for multiple blockchain projects,

including market research, business model design, fund management,

and market promotion. Bradley has outstanding team management and leadership skills,

which allow him to coordinate various resources and ensure project progress and quality.

Matt PM

Matt has ten years of experience in product development,

with extensive experience in product planning, design, and management.

He has developed planning solutions for multiple blockchain products,

including requirements analysis, product design, technical architecture, and user experience.

He has in-depth research on the digital currency market, crypto-economics,

and the blockchain industry ecosystem, and can provide effective market promotion solutions for products.

He also has excellent team management and coordination skills,

able to lead teams to promote product development and launch.

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