Liquidity Mining

1.From the game main interface, select “Swap” building to participate in our Liquidity Mining.

Players that wish to participate in the Liquidity Mining to earn more rewards need to ensure that they have enough USDT and GUT within their wallet.

2.Upon entering the “Swap” building, players need to click on “Liquidity” to participate in Liquidity Mining. For first-time players, they will need to click on the “Add Liquidity” button before they can participate in Liquidity Mining

a.Within the “Add Liquidity” interface, player will need to “supply” sufficient GUT and USDT before they can Add Liquidity

b.Players will need to complete the authorization on-chain once a window pop up from their wallets

c.The amount of supply for GUT and USDT needs to be equal in value (though the amount might not be the same due to daily market fluctuation), as shown below.

3.Within the “Staking” interface, players can click on the “Stake/Harvest” to either stake or withdraw (harvest) their rewards.

Players can select “Max” to stake their all their funds within the game to shorten the process of entering a specific amount.

Staking will be considered completed / done once they completed a game.

4.Upon successful staking, players can view the amount of rewards generated annually for Liquidity Mining in real time.

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