Old version NFT Game Cards Disassembling (Burning)

1.NFT Game Cards from Genesis Universe (Version 1.0) will not be able to participate in PVP, PVE and Faction Wars battle. However, players can disassemble NFT Game Cards from Version 1.0 to obtain Essence to upgrade other NFT Game Cards.

The corresponding amount of Essence will be given based on the initially-minted NFT Game Cards’ star and level.

If the selected NFT Game Card for disassembly is equipped with Equipment, the Equipment will be returned to the players’ NFT assets automatically.

  1. Players can select the NFT Game Cards from version 1.0 that they want to disassemble.

  1. Upon inserting the NFT Game Cards from version 1.0 for disassembly, players will be able to view the materials they can obtain upon disassembly.

4.Players can view the materials they obtained after disassembling their NFT Game Cards in the “My Assets” tab

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