Battle Arena

Matching NFT Game Card

1.From the main game interface, select “Battle Arena” to team-up your NFT game cards for battle

2.Within the team-up interface, players can select three cards by clicking on the “+” from their NFT Assets list

a.Each NFT Game Card has its own unique combat attributes, which are displayed on the right side of the card, this includes Damage, HP, Armor, Agility and etc.

b.Transferring NFT Game Cards from and to other players will be locked for 24-hours, disabling their ability to partake in PVP battles. However, NFT Game Cards traded (purchased and sold) through the NFT Marketplace will be locked for 6-hours, disabling their ability to partake in PVP battles.

c.One season will run for a month, and new NFT Game Cards must be used to partake in PVP battles each season.

d.There are 20 free PVP challenge attempts each day, and the number of attempts will be deducted for each battle, no matter the battle result. Players can obtain additional challenge attempts per day by purchasing 2 Platinum Vouchers.

3.PVP Matching

a.Players with similar ranks and combat powers are matched automatically for PVP battles

b.Matching priority will be given to players of the same rank. However if there are no opponent available, then matches will be based on players with similar ranking

c.The differences for combat power matching are within a range of 100, 200 and 1,000.

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