Game card matching

1.Open the Genesis Universe game map, click on "COMBAT CAMP,

" and you can proceed to "Game Card Deck Building."

2.Enter the "game card combination" interface and choose any three cards of your choice from your NFT assets collection to form a team.

Players are allowed to configure up to three different teams with different game cards combination and each game card can only be selected once in each combination.

Click on the "+" sign as shown in the picture and select any game cards of your choice from your NFT assets collection to be added into the team combination.

The first card in your team combination will be your tank throughout the battle, and cards with tank talent added to this position will have its HP increased by 50%.

Each card has different combat attributes which are displayed in sequence on the right side of the card. Move the cursor to the attribute icon to view the name andvalue of each attribute. From left to right, and from top to bottom:

Attack Power (ATK), Armor (ARMOR), Hit Point (HP), Evasion Rate (AVO), Critical Rate (CT), Block Rate (BR)

3.For game cards that are already within the team combination in battle,

there is a symbol "-" displayed on the upper right corner of each game cards for players to click on it if they wish to remove or replace the current game card combination with other game card.

Locking up limited edition cards can also increase the combat power and combat attributes of each combination team.

The additional attributes provided by each limited edition cards of different star levels are as follow:

1-star LEC: +1%-5% Damage

2-star LEC: +1%-3% Evasion Rate

3-star LEC: +1%~3% Damage & Defense Power

4-star LEC: +1%~3% Defense Power & Evasion Rate

5-star LEC: +5% Crit Rate (5% chance to activate 1.5x damage)

*Must have collected low-level cards for high-level cards to take effect. The attributes above are stackable.

When the game cards that formed a team for battle matches the faction selected by the players' account, additional attributes will be activated as follow:


Two cards: Max HP +10%

Three cards: Max HP +20%


Two: Damage +10%

Three: Damage +20%


Two cards: Armor Reduction +3%

Three cards: Armor Reduction +5%


Two cards: Block rate +10%

Three cards: Block rate +20%


Two cards: Evasion rate +5% ,Crit Rate 3%

Three cards: Evasion rate +10% ,Crit Rate 5%


Two cards: Damage +5%,Defense Power +5%

Three cards: Damage +10%,Defense Power +10%

4.After successfully building a team, you can click the "Fight" button to enter the PVP ranking and PVE level adventure page.

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