PVE Treasure Plunder

1.Open the PVE reward box to access the PVE treasure plunder entrance. Clicking on it allows you to view records of plundering in the four prize pools. When a player wins a prize pool, it is distributed to the PVE reward box for the player to claim personally.

2.Set up four prize pools, corresponding to levels 1-9, 11-19, 21-29, and 31-39. The prize pool amounts come from PVE stage tickets, and these tickets are obtained by spending battle points or platinum coupons. 1 battle point is consistently considered as 1 POW, and 1 platinum coupon is consistently considered as 1 GUT. Calculate the usage of battle points and platinum coupons in the stage challenges, according to the conversion ratio. Accumulate 3% of the corresponding POW and GUT for each ticket continuously into the prize pool.

Distribute the prize pool amounts proportionally to the four level-specific prize pools:

Level 1-9 Prize Pool: 3%

Level 11-19 Prize Pool: 7%

Level 21-29 Prize Pool: 20%

Level 31-39 Prize Pool: 50%

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