1.Players can now play our mini game (Roshambo) for free by clicking "PUB", and select "Rock, Paper, Scissors";

2. Players do not need to hold a card to play the mini game. Points can be accumulated within a week and will be automatically cleared every other week. Within the mini game interface, select either the "rock, scissors, paper" icon at will to begin the game with the gatekeeper. The diamond icon below your avatar will turn red for every victory obtained. Obtaining three victories will allow you to continue to the next level;

3.If the player withdraws their points midway, they will need to continue from the level they left off as it will not start from level 1. Level 1 to level 10 forms a cycle, and the points are accumulated throughout each level. Players begin the game with 0 point and points will increase for every victory and decrease for every defeat. If the players managed to clear all 10 levels, the points accumulated in total will be withdrawn automatically.

Level bonus: STAGE1 1000 STAGE2 3000 STAGE3 4000 STAGE4 8000 STAGE5 16000 STAGE6 32000 STAGE7 64000 STAGE8 128000 STAGE9 256000 STAGE10 512000 Total accummulation: 1024000

4. Rules for withdrawing points:

Upon winning the first level, players will withdraw 1,000 points directly with a 90% withdrawal fee, leaving the players with 100 points on hand. If the player re-enter the game and loses the second level, they will then have a debt of 3,000. And if players continue to challenge the third level and emerge victorious, they will then obtain 4,000 points, and when the winning points are used to deduct the debt owed, the player will then have 1,000 points remaining on hand. Points that have been withdrawn will not be calculated along with the bonus throughout the game. If the player chose to withdraw the 1,000 points accumulated for clearing level 3, he will then obtain 200 points after the withdrawal fee deduction, earning him 300 points in total. Players are allowed to accumulate as much points as they want within a week with no limitations.

Withdrawal fees are as follow:

STAGE1 90% STAGE2 85% STAGE3 80% STAGE4 80% STAGE5 75% STAGE6 70% STAGE7 65% STAGE8 60% STAGE9 60% STAGE10 60%

5. Upon successful withdrawal of the points, players can used them to exchange for in-game tokens such as GUT, POW, veGUT or Mystery Box NFT or even stable coin such as USDT through the "Exchange Center".

Players will need to complete "Daily Tasks" in order to unlock the corresponding prizes based on the Daily Tasks completed, as follow:

Task 1: Daily PvP Battles Task 2: Daily PvE Battles Task 3: Daily Card Draw Task 6: Daily Participation in 20 PvP Battles Task 7: Daily Participation in 20 PvE Battles Task 8: Crafting an equipment

Completed Task 1: Players can exchange for veGUT Completed Task 2: Players can exchange for POW Completed Task 3: Players can exchange for Mystery Box NFT Completed Task 6 or 7: Players can exchange for USDT Completed Task 8: Players can exchange for GUT

6. The maximum limit for debts allowed is 10000$ points. Once the player reaches this maximum limit, they won't be allowed to participate in the game anymore. Players must then clear the debt limit back to zero before they can continue playing, while all debts will automatically be cleared every Sunday, on a weekly basis.

Players can also repetitively use the following methods to speed up the time needed to clear their debt throughout the week in order for them to continue playing:

1. Each NFT game cards staked within the Gold Mine will deduct your debts based on $20 points per 10 minutes,

2. Minting one NFT card will deduct your debts by $2,000 points;

3. Inviting your friends to register and mint an NFT card will deduct your debts by $2,250 points;

4. Forging an Equipment will deduct your debts by $1,000 points;

5. Participating in a PVP battle will deduct your debts by $500 points;

6. Participating in a PVE battle will deduct your debts by $500 points.

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