Divine Artifact Forging

1.Access the game map, select "NFT WORKSHOP," and click on equipment crafting.

2.Select "Divine Artifact Forging" in equipment crafting.

3. Game cards level 4 and above can use artifacts. Divine Artifact forging requires the use of 1 to 5 hero cards. There is no need to spend tokens during forging,

but players have the option to increase their chance of success by acquiring "Catalysts".

Each Catalyst contributes a 1% increase to the success rate, and the success rate is capped at 50%. The probabilities for each game card star level are as follows:

4.Click "Forge" button after adding the materials and catalysts.

5. Artifact:

(China) Pangu's Axe: +20% damage & 30% chance to attack twice consecutively

(India) Brahma's Relic: +20% damage & 30% chance of immunity to this attack

(Nordic) Leviathan's Axe: +20% damage & 30% chance to counter-attack immediately when attacked

(Greece) Uranus' Spear: +20% damage & 50% increase in critical damage

(Egypt) Sun God's Scepter: +20% damage & 10% chance of hitting all in range

(Japan) Tiancong Cloud Sword: +20% damage & 30% increased chance of blocking

Artifacts can only be equipped by heroes of the corresponding faction, and cannot be traded.

The first card slot is the tank position, and if a card with a tank talent is placed there, it will receive a +50% increase in maximum health. Tank's held artifact effects are halved.

Block rate for Japan artifact

Counterattack rate for Nordic artifact

Immune rate for India artifact

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