Liquidity mining detailed operation

1.Players can add liquidity within the "SWAP" building on our map interface. They can purchase USDT and GUT here but players must have the same amount for both USDT and GUT to Add Liquidity and stake in the GUT-USDT LP mining. Players can also purchase GUT and POW to participate in the GUT-POW LP mining.

2.Click "Liquidity" in the SWAP , if the wallet address has not added liquidity,

you need to click "Add Liquidity" at this time;

3.On the "Add Liquidity" page, after completing the authorization,

click "Supply" to confirm the supply, and you can add GUT-USDT liquidity.

GUT and USDT form liquidity,

and the value of the two currencies needs to be equal (the quantity is not necessarily same),

as shown in the figure below;

  1. Find the farm on the map and click "Farm";

5.Open the farm, click "Farm" to enter the pledge mining list, and select the GUT-USDT LP mining pool;

6. On the GUT-USDT LP mining pool page, click "Pledge/Redeem",

enter the amount of LP you want to pledge into the mining pool on the pledge page (you can click Max to enter),

and complete the pledge after authorization

7.After the pledge is successful,

you can go back to check the current annualized rate of return and the GUT obtained.

The GUT rewarded by each block will be accumulated in real time;

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