Game card upgrade

1.Access the asset page, open the game card details page,

and click "Upgrade Card" to upgrade the game card;

2.The preview page of card upgrade displays the increase in attribute values and combat power after upgrading, as well as the amount of game token POW required for the upgrade;

3.Click the upgrade button to see the upgrading animation. After the animation ends,

you can see the result of the card upgrade;

4.There is a success rate for upgrading game cards, and the higher the level after upgrading,

the lower the success rate.In the event of a failed upgrade,

there is also a certain probability of breaking.

Upgrading NFT game cards will consume game tokens thus increasing the longevity, hashrate and PVP/PVE combat power upon successful upgrades.

See the table below for details.

*NFT Game Card longevity feature:

Level 0 game cards have no lifespan.

Upgrading an NFT game card will automatically activate its longevity feature and the lifespan will decay over time.

With every one level upgrades, an additional 5 days lifespan will be added to the game cards for level 0-9.

As for level 10 game cards and above, an additional 10 days lifespan will be added for each upgrades.

No rewards will be generated once the cards' lifespan has ended.

Different star levels card corresponds to different level of combat power buffs:

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