1.PVP ranking is determined through the total Battle Points accumulated after each season, and rewards are distributed based on the ranking of each players within the leaderboard.

Leaderboard ranking is refreshed on a monthly basis (one month = one season), and new NFT Game Cards must be used to partake in each season’s PVP battles. During the start of each season,

players that ranked below Diamond Ranking (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) will be automatically adjusted back to Level 5 of the same rank (i.e. Player A ranks Gold I from the previous season and will automatically adjusts to Gold V of the current season),

whereas players that ranked Diamond and above from the previous season will automatically be adjusted to Diamond V at the start of the new season.

2.PVE ranking is based on the progress of each player within the game. The player with the highest progress is ranked first, followed by highest to lowest ranking order.

If two players have the same progress, then the player that comes later will be ranked lower compared to the player that comes first (first come first serve basis).

Each PVE season will run for one month, and players must use newly minted NFT Game Cards of that month to participate in the PVE Adventure Realm.

The ranking leaderboard displays the information of the Top 100 players for that current season, and is updated every month after the end of each season.

3.The winning faction will be determine at the end of each season.

An additional rewards will be awarded to the players from winning faction who conquered the most territories.

Occupying as many camps as possible will bring victory to player’s selected faction and will earn extra.

rewards from leaderboard ranking.

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